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 ​Your Mosquito and Tick Control Experts 

​​Unbeatable service! They go above and beyond each time they are here, and this stuff works! I have a lot that backs up to a large wetland / swamp area, and I haven’t seen a mosquito all summer long.    


"Mosquitoes are a huge problem in my yard and because I spend a lot of time outdoors in my gardens and lakefront, I needed a solution to this pesky problem. This company is family owned, and they do a great job!"        


"Second treatment of the season and still not a single mosquito!!! Ask me does it work..... Ya!  Unbelievable customer service, good job Mosquito Crush!"                                                                                        

"If you have pest problems and want fast, friendly, reliable service, Mosquito Crush is the one to call!"                          


Our Total LifeCycle Management Program not only eliminates adult mosquitoes, but also reduces the hatch of future generations, making your yard enjoyable again. We use only EPA and Organic certified treatments to set up a protective barrier against mosquitoes and our technicians are licensed and certified by the State of Minnesota. 
What We Do: Mosquito Control Service & Tick Control Service
Mosquito Crush provides mosquito control & tick control services for residential and commercial customers. We focus on exterminating mosquitoes and ticks and guarantee our services with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are a local, family-owned company that takes the safety of your family, pets and the environment seriously.

Summer is short and precious in Minnesota and our famous mosquitoes and ticks can make it difficult for your family, friends and pets to enjoy being outside. Now you can enjoy your yard and protect your loved ones on any occasion or all season long with our mosquito and tick control services.

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