Commercial Businesses

Mosquito Crush is serious about ensuring the comfort of your customers and protecting them from biting insects. Whether you are a restaurant , golf course, theme park, have an employee outdoor seating area or any area where your customers gather outdoors, we can help and improve your business.  Our treatments are approved for food service areas and ready to be occupied within 30 minutes of treatment.  Mosquito Crush will strive to protect your customers and enhance their experience!  

Organic, All-Natural Treatment

As an option to our combination approach, we offer an organic all-natural treatment program which consists of essential oils that mosquitoes can't tolerate.  We have tried many organic products over the years, but our preprietary combination of vegetable based, essential oils is the best we have found.  This treatment can be used over and around water and on flowering plants and will not harm pollinators or aquatic life.  In this program, we also use our larvicide in standing water to control the emergence of mosquitoes from the larval stage.  Since the residual effect of this treatment is shorter and breaks down more quickly than our combination treatment used in our Total LifeCycle Management Program, our technicians return more often, every 14 days, to re-treat for continuous protection.   

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Services Offered

Special Event Treatment

Have Mosquito Crush protect your guests from biting insects for increased enjoyment at your next outdoor party. We treat for grad parties, weddings, reunions, or any outdoor event!  Your visitors should not have to spray themselves with mosquito repellents in order to enjoy your special event.  Exponentially more effective than citronella candles with much less odor.  For special events we use a barrier treatment around your gathering location and organic all-natural treatments around food serving areas.  We treat one to two days prior to your event to kill adult mosquitoes and lay down a defensive protection barrier so these biting insects do not bug your guests.  

Total LifeCycle Management - Mosquito Control Program

​​​Our technicians will actively manage the mosquitoes on your property and protect your family from bites and disease all season long.  The Total LifeCycle Management program kills and repels adult mosquitoes that are causing your immediate problems as well as breaks the mosquito life cycle. You will be amazed at the results!

We use a safe and effective combination of synthetic and organic barrier sprays and larvicide to eliminate adult and larval stage mosquitoes. Our synthetic treatment is only used for barrier spraying non-flowering plants using only the amount of chemical required to control mosquitoes.  On flowering plants and near water, we use our organic treatment to ensure our pollinators and aquatic life are as safe as your family and pets.  In breeding areas, we use larvicide to ensure that larva do not progress to adulthood.  Our combination approach is the best approach to controlling mosquitoes and ensures that your family, pets and environment all remain protected.

In order to maintain control and continuous protection, we visit your property every 21 days during the mosquito season.  We guarantee your satisfaction and will return earlier if our treatment does not achieve the results you are expecting.  Our goal is for you to be happy, and to have a lasting partnership with our clients.


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